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April 07, 2010



Google wasn't dominating the Chinese market, and likely wasn't making much of a profit, so their change of tact may not be that much of a risk after all. They reduce their potential upside by going against the government, but perhaps they didn't see it is a large upside after all.

Christine Ngo

Hi Peter,

I take that Google's decision is a symbolic act. The CEO of the company in an interview explained that Chinese government’s requirement that Google had had to sensor itself before information was given to Chinese consumer was inconsistent with the mission of the company. In fact, Google had been heavily criticized with its compliance in the past.

I suspect it would only take a small change in event such as some changes in the legal environment or another re-settlement with the Chinese government for the company to re-enter into Chinese market again. At this point, I wouldn't assume that Google is out of China for good.

This leads me to conclude that Google's decision to contest's Chinese government's censorship an important act of economic activism.

I hope you're well. Congrats on the new business venture!


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i found this situation really interesting. It'll be interesting to see how Google reacts to any future issues.

Dan Hull

Travis, et al. When are you guys going to rev this little gem back up? It has/had class. I miss it.

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China's censorship laws in their own capacity maybe rooted in their belief of protecting their culture and way of life. Lawyer

Sean Hayes

Google's presence in China was minimal within the mainstream, but was an active tool for activists and a good advertising tool if you were marketing to the hip youth.

The main problem with google for most of the population was that most internet users still only use the search engine that is
initially the home screen - Baidu and google I would never find at any hotels, internet shop or on any company computers.

Sean Hayes.

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