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  • Philip Jessup proposed the idea of a transnational law course. His vision of the subject was broad, including public and private international law; state and non-state actors; business, administrative, and political affairs; as well as negotiation and litigation. Inspired by his idea, TLB is only constrained by its pursuit to address all law transcending national frontiers.

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October 21, 2009



I'm really beginning to wonder if our entire economy isn't fixed by Wall Street somehow, and what it would look like if it ran as it was actually supposed to (without finance titans tweaking it).

Christine Ngo

Hi Joe,

As it appears, the Wall Street has been intensifying the crisis rather than helping it. We definitely need a better set of financial regulations and reform must be done right. At the moment, the Treasury's restriction on executive compensation for all TARP’s beneficiaries seems misdirected.

I hope you are well.


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