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March 07, 2009



When has the Chinese government ever been known to really care about its citizens and not just its reputation?

Christine Ngo

Hi JT,

What did you mean by "care" in your question? The answer to your question will depend on one's general expectation upon the role of the government over an assessed period. I believe that the country did experience periods of good governance through out Chinese history and civilization. I would like to hear your opinion on this topic if you don't mind elaborating your comment further.

One thing that increasingly concerns me is China's lack of focus on agriculture and its growing reliance on importing agricultural products. The government budget allocated toward improving this highly important sector has long been regarded as insufficient to improve farmer's income and living standards. Yet, I would not openly regard this policy deficient substantial to ignore improvements that has been made sine the reform in 1978. If you believe in the World Bank estimation based on $1 per day poverty rate, China has not done so badly after all. According to its 2008 estimate, about 59% of China’s huge population had been lifted out of poverty during economic reform.



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