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  • Philip Jessup proposed the idea of a transnational law course. His vision of the subject was broad, including public and private international law; state and non-state actors; business, administrative, and political affairs; as well as negotiation and litigation. Inspired by his idea, TLB is only constrained by its pursuit to address all law transcending national frontiers.

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May 27, 2008


Thomas Chow

I remember the joy of bar studying though it feels like quite a time ago. And I think its good that you do NOT worry about blogging during the bar. Good luck!

Major Tom

I would suggest you to write something about the French decision commented in the IHT:

Patrick S. O'Donnell


All the best in your studies and preparation for the exam. And it's nice to see you have your priorities straight. I'm sure I speak for others in saying we look forward to your return in a few months.

All good wishes,

Will Lewis

Good luck. Kick the Bar's butt!


Good Luck!!

Hope everything works out beat the Bar up!!


Best of luck for your studies

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