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December 13, 2007


Legal Jobs

What happened to Edwards? Was the headbutt a KO?


Imprisoned for 22 months without a trial. Injustice, by Golley! Never would have happened in the US. Oh, wait.
Aand what makes you think the California Bar wouldn't use such measures if you didn't pay your dues on time?

Omrie Golley

It is rather unforunate that our beloved country seems to be becoming populated by individuals such as the above writer on my so called treason trial, on fat salaries, working for transnational institutions like the Special Court. That he could spend so much time writing about what a bad character I am without any substantiation in law and fact, serves to show how unprincipled and biased he is. There is a lot to be learned, about post conflict Sierra Leone, from the rule of law, and human rights in Sierra Leone from what I have gone through in the last 22 months Dermody, and you could best possibly best serve these issues in Freetown by simply focussing on my case. My lawyers, and a vast number of other interested parties I am sure could give you a plethora of info as to what happened in my case, - from the date of my arrest to the date of my release.

As to my role in the conflict, I challenge you any day to prove I was anything but genuinely committed to the peace process in Sierra Leone. Thankfully the vast majority of people, including the present govt, know the true nature of the conflict and my role in going to talk to and later dealing with one of the two protagonists of this sorry chapter in our country s history. Somebody had to bell the cat to bring peace to Sierra Leone. I chose to, and dont regret it for a minute. Espiecially when I see and hear from the vast majority of Sierra Leoneans to this day thanking me for the role that I played.

If, as Dermody implies,( he says he is working for the Special Court, etc,) he is interested in the rule of law and justice, he should start by examining his own conscience and writing truthful, accurate and unbiased articles, rather than stoke the flames of what we are all seeking to put behind us.

Omrie Golley

Travis Hodgkins

Mr. Golley,

I can't speak for Mr. Dermody, but I can assure you that he is not living on a fat salary. Mr. Dermody is in Sierra Leone because he is truly devoted to the development of Sierra Leone, including its legal system. I'm certain this post was not meant to slander Mr. Golley in anyway. Mr. Dermody was merely explaining the situation and describing how the media has portrayed Mr. Golley.

We appreciate Mr. Dermody's willingness to share his experiences and ideas while he is working in Sierra Leone. Since most of the world is unaware of what is happening in Sierra Leone, we believe that his writings on this blog-- and the subsequent commentary-- will help educate some portion of the populace about the legal advancements and struggles in that part of the world.


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