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  • Philip Jessup proposed the idea of a transnational law course. His vision of the subject was broad, including public and private international law; state and non-state actors; business, administrative, and political affairs; as well as negotiation and litigation. Inspired by his idea, TLB is only constrained by its pursuit to address all law transcending national frontiers.

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November 28, 2007



According to the site, you can only vote in each category once, so perhaps you should call truce to the siege :-)


Onward! It's going to be a long month of mass emails and visits to random computer labs! Perhaps I shouldn't let the cat out of the bag, but a person can vote more than once if they use a different computer or a different web browser.

A little East Bay vs. San Francisco competition shouldn't intimidate you folks at Boalt! However, we are completely different blogs, it seems strange to pit us against one another. Nuts & Boalts had some interesting posts awhile back about Professor John Yoo and protesters disrupting his class. Keep up the good work over there...I'm probably going to stop by some of your computer labs over the weekend and vote for my blog.

Chris Cassidy

Congratulations and good luck!!

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