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  • Philip Jessup proposed the idea of a transnational law course. His vision of the subject was broad, including public and private international law; state and non-state actors; business, administrative, and political affairs; as well as negotiation and litigation. Inspired by his idea, TLB is only constrained by its pursuit to address all law transcending national frontiers.

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October 18, 2007



I think the difference is that Taiwan is a sovereignty issue, and China is more than willing to go to war over it (which the US does not want), while Tibet, though also a sovereignty issue, is already firmly under their control, and the Dalai llama doesnt espouse independence for Tibet, merely autonomy with Tibet still under China and hence China would not see any need to go to war over this issue (which makes the US breathe a sigh of relief).

This emboldens the US in Dalai Llama affairs, while worries it in Taiwan affairs, making the US more than just a little cautious with regard to Taiwan.

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