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October 22, 2006


Kwalonue Sunwabe, Jr.

It is rewarding to see my native Africa departing with the “lamentable and unacceptable judicial tradition” that insolated African dictators and heir cohorts from prosecution for the many crimes committed against African humanity during and immediately after the Cold War’s end in Africa. I hope that the ongoing trial of Liberian dictator, Charles Taylor will serve as a warming to current and future African leaders that the world will no longer sit by idly while African dictators brutalize their own people.

Nonetheless, consistency and the cardinal notion of judicial fairness are needed in the ongoing trial of Mr. Taylor. By consistency I am really saying that the UN Special Tribunal for Sierra Leonean needs to revisit the evidence in this case in order to bring additional indictments against other African leaders who played leading roles in the Sierra Leonean genocide. It is pathetic and profoundly disgusting that the special UN Tribunal for Sierra Leone has opted not to examine the roles Libyan leader Moamar Qadhafi played in the wars that have devastated West Africa in the past 15 years.

Like is protégé, Mr. Charles Taylor of Liberia, Mr. Qadhafi trained, equipped and provided international and regional diplomatic supports for both the rebel forces in Liberia and Sierra Leone. It is only fitting that the world rises to the occasion and bring Mr. Qadhafi to justice for his crimes. His recent overture to the West should in no way obscure justice. Like Charles Taylor of Liberia, Mr. Qadhafi needs to be brought to justice for the crimes he indirectly committed against humanity in Sierra Leone.

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