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September 19, 2006


Christopher Cassidy

Amar's argument, I believe, is not inviting "visionaries" such as John Yoo and Alberto Gonzalez to trample the Constitution at their boss' covenience. Instead, it seems that Amar agrees with Mr. Hodgkins, that something must be done to stave off such invasions of liberty as the US has seen under the Bush Administration. Amar states that it was not "the Bill of Rights, and...the Supreme Court [that] secured 'the Blessings of Liberty' during the nation's first 150 years[.]" It was the isolation from other major powers, provided by America's position between the Pacific and the Atlantic.

So, Amar is not providing any excuse for sacrifices of liberty, in the face of global challenges. He is making a call for visionaries to provide alternative routes through which America might, once again, secure "the Blessings of Liberty", in spite of our natural moats having proven obsolete and insufficient.

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